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Did you know the number 1 killer on earth is cardio-vascular diseases? Based on the WHO, about 17.5 million persons die of heart connected illnesses a year!

With such a huge amount of people dying every year, we must take start taking better care of ourselves and consider these critical indicators. In the event that you or any relative or friends experience any of these indicators, seek medical attention quickly.

Listed below are the warning signs of a center attack:

- Any squeezing, pressure or certain heaviness in-your chest

- Any discomfort or strain in your arms, chin, straight back or even your neck

- Experiencing solid, quick or unequal heartbeats

- Feeling lightheaded and dizzy or having rounds of fainting assaults

- Vomiting

Switch to some healthiest life style. Stop smoking, and keep your cholesterol and your blood pressure in check. These simple but important methods will help to greatly reduce your odds of having a stroke.

As you is able to see, most of the above symptoms occur suddenly and without any prior notice. As such you have to be alert and discover if any of the above symptoms are occurring to you or your loved ones. Fast motion on your part can save your self lives.

Listed here are symptoms that you may be experiencing a stroke:

- Sudden diminished, confused as well as dual perspective

- Sudden trouble managing arms and legs, lack of stability and vertigo, and sudden trouble walking

- Sudden severe problems accompanied by facial pain, vomiting, firm neck, altered awareness and sharp pain involving the eyes

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